Pet Day 2013


What an awesome day we had today for our Pet, Lamb and Calf Day. It was such a great school and community event which continues to celebrate our rural roots and tradition. Regardless of where they live, all students participate in the day through their pets, artworks, crafts and baking. Having parents and whanau there to celebrate with us too makes it a great occasion.

Events like this don’t just happen and it is important to acknowledge the work that has gone on in the background to prepare; Mrs Martin, Michelle and David Read, Judges from the Manawatu Oroua Boys & Girls Ag Club and Totally Vets, Colin and Helen Oliver, Scott Purcell, Anne Flipp, Leavy Kauri, our wonderful sponsors FMG, RD1 and ANZ and, of course, the staff and students at ODS have all contributed to make it happen. Thank you!


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