Board of Trustees 2016 Election Results

Parent representatives’ votes:

Name Votes

Ally Anderson 12

James Campbell 20

Tim Franklin 32

Amanda Gibbons 21

Krystal Mills 23

Bryan Pedersen 19

Invalid Votes 7

I hereby declare the following duly elected:

Tim Franklin
Krystal Mills
Amanda Gibbons
James Campbell
Bryan Pedersen

Ally is in discussion re the Board Secretary position, which is great news for the school.

Staff representative

I hereby declare Tanya Zander duly elected.

Nancy Martin
Returning Officer

From the Board Chair

While we congratulate our new BOT members, I would like to make a very special mention of the following people:

Katrina Barber, for her outstanding leadership and direction over the years as our BOT Chair.

David Read, for his extraordinary service to ODS during his time on the BOT over the past 6 years.

Nicki Broadley, for her dedication, input and support of the BOT, and our school as a whole.

All three have been extremely passionate and dedicated to the strategic direction of the school over the years, and I personally thank them for their outstanding efforts.

Tim Franklin

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