The school’s policies and procedures are regularly reviewed. Recently reviewed or developed documents will be posted here for your reference.

1NAG 1 Curriculum
2NAG 2 Self ReviewDRAFT Reporting to Parents
3NAG 3 PersonnelTeacher Performance Appraisal
AppointmentsTeacher Aide Performance Appraisal
Resolution of Issues
4NAG 4 Finance and PropertyFinancial Management
Credit Card
5NAG 5 Health and SafetyRecording of Injuries and Illness
Traumatic Incidents
School Uniform
Positive Behaviour Management
6, 7 & 8NAG 6, 7 and 8 LegislationSchool Attendance
GovernanceBOT Code of Behaviour
Principal Performance Appraisal
Schedule of Delegations
Reporting to the Board
Responsibilities of the Principal
Conflict of Interests
Board Roles and Responsibilities
Responsibility of the Board Chair
Responsibility of the Staff Trustee
Relationship Between the Board Chairperson and the Principal
Principal Professional Expenses
Trustee Remuneration and Expenses
BOT Meeting Process
BOT Meeting Procedure