The Board of Trustees (BOT) provide the governance of our school – they oversee what is occurring within the school.
The Board and Principal work together to achieve the best possible learning and teaching outcomes for the students.
Some of the Boards roles include:
• Setting the Vision, Philosophy and Values of the school
• Developing and reviewing the general policy direction
• Monitoring and evaluating student learning outcomes
• Providing financial stewardship and overseeing resources
• Approving major policies and programme initiatives
• Building a broad base of community support
• Managing Risk
The Board of Trustees includes five elected trustees, the staff trustee and the principal. Our current Board members are
Tim Franklin – Chairperson/Personnel
Chris Gunn – Principal            
Tanya Zander – Staff Representative
Amanda Gibbons – Grants
Bryan Pedersen – Property
James Campbell – Policy
Krystal Mills – Finance